About Us

Dror Yitzhak & Co. was founded in 2007 and since then has been one of the leading law firms in Israel specializing in taxation. The firm is managed by Adv. (CPA.) Dror Yitzhak, an ex-senior tax authority official and one of the most prominent tax consultants in Israel.


Our firm incorporates expert in all fields of tax law. Some of them served in senior positions in the Tax Authority, and all of them are also accountants in their training and education. Our team leads a tradition of innovation and excellence. The firm is known as a professional firm that is familiar with all the various tax areas and is constantly updated on all the legislative, verdicts and ruling innovations.


The firm provides comprehensive services in all areas of tax law, including income tax, real estate taxation, VAT, customs and excise taxes. The firm also holds a central role in unique tax matters, such as international taxation, incentive laws, voluntary disclosure procedures, intelligence investigations, crypto and virtual tokens. At the same time, the firm accompanies and provides legal advice and representation, both in the civil and criminal proceedings, in all courts and before the tax authorities, including in all penalty process and hearing before filing bills of indictments.


The firm provides its clients with ongoing legal support and consultation at all stages, starting from transaction planning, through the administrative and application stages, to court representation and litigation, including in the Supreme Court.

Among our clients are accounting firms, law firms, leading businessmen, companies and other entities in Israel in the fields of industry, commerce, real estate, crypto and technology, energy, automotive, diamonds and many other fields.

The firm attributes great importance to creativity and professionalism, which, in our view, are essential tools for providing solutions in the highest quality and professional manner, while optimally taking into consideration the rights of our clients in the various tax fields.


The firm's clients enjoy personal attention and close supervision at all stages of the process, from planning and setting the roadmap, through implementation and execution to representation in the various courts. The firm has close working relations with the various tax offices, including tax assessment offices, VAT stations and customs houses, as well as with the management of the Tax Authority, the State Attorney's offices, the investigating authorities and more, which gives the firm great success in the various procedures require to perform for our clients.

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